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Get a lawyer-approved, quick and dirty legal checklist for your small business.
See once and for all exactly what you need to do to get your business up & running and your profits up & raining. Make a list, check it twice, make it rain.


I have Small Business Bodyguard and Legal Nunchucks: For Coaches. I bought them separately when Rachel was running specials so they were very affordable (especially in comparison to an attorney’s hourly rate.)

The packages are fantastic and huge. It’s way more than a few measly templates (I’ve totally wasted money on crap like that too…). Rachel is the real deal. And I swear she is a coach doing attorney work, so she totally gets the healing arts and loves coaches. She has a ton of resources about business law (from starting out all the way to firing employees and intellectual property).

At her recommendation, I’m getting my financial house in order at the moment and upgrading my processes to an official business accounting system. I wish I had started out that way, but I’m glad I took her advice. I feel so much more peaceful so I can put my energy into bringing people in that I can help instead of freaking out about filing taxes.

Once finance is squared away, I’ll dive into other legal considerations like intellectual property, liability, partner agreements and the like.

The other great thing is that Rachel and her team are a wonderful resource. They’ve pointed me to all sorts of helpful people and services. Plus you can swear around them and no one looks down their nose. ?

— Certified Coach, Writer & Strategist

If you think that Small Business Bodyguard is expensive, then you have not clearly explored the cost of being ignorant. I have been searching for legal help for the last few months and as a fully-digital young entrepreneur, it seemed I just had two options:Option #1: Work with disinterested, stodgy law firms.  Some didn’t understand what Skype was (“… but if you can’t come into the office, how can we do a consultation?”). Another wanted $10,000 to help me draft contracts and then they said $500 per application per file for copyrighting my programs. (With the dozens of audios, videos and PDF files I’ve churned out, I would fork over another $10,000+ to this firm to register copyrights).  Good thing they emailed me their proposal because when I saw the figures, I literally just laughed.  Sorry guys!  Um… No.

Option #2:  Pay $25-$100 cobbling together a random collection of Kindle books written by lawyers for this and that.  Hmm… Cheap, yes… but Amazon previews indicated the books would send me into a coma of boredom from which I would never recover. Spending money but staying ignorant seemed like a bad idea.

I was so glad when I saw a friend’s post about Small Business Bodyguard on Facebook.  Honestly, if you’ve done your homework and compared your legal options, then you know that SBB is really affordable (the step-by-step copyrighting checklist alone in chapter 5 is saving me thousands).  And educational, motivating and accessible (using the templates, I drafted a contract and sent it off to a lawyer for review but I never could have done that a week ago.  Having a lawyer review that draft? Much less than $10,000).  And funny (Do not listen to the SBB radio episodes under headphones in crowded quiet public places because people will think it’s strange that you’re laughing so much).

I almost hesitate to rave too much in case Rachel decides to up the cost of SBB because there is seriously valuable stuff in here.

I only wish that I had found SBB six months ago so I’d be done with it already.

You should buy this.  Now.

— Jaime Miller-Rapp, English Success Academy

“If you’re in business to win, you have to play many games successfully, one of which is the legal game of business. If you’re in business, you’re already playing the legal game – the question, then, is how well you’re playing it. Small Business Bodyguard is THE essential resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners. I know of no other resource that so thoroughly tells you what you need to know, why you need to know it, and what to do about it (and I’ve read lots of legal books written for small business owners and entrepreneurs.) These templates, checklists, and worksheets by themselves are worth the cost. Had I used just two of them I would’ve saved between $11,000 and $13,000 in the past three years. It’s not a matter of if you’ll need them, it’s a matter of when.”

— Charlie Gilkey, Writer, Speaker, Business Advisor & CEO of Productive Flourishing

“There’s a lot we do in business that we do on faith, and most of the time, that works out just fine. But sometimes, there are challenges and legal issues that we don’t even know exist and that can bite us pretty badly.

It turns out our lawyer, Rachel Rodgers, created this project as a way to help with the challenges you know you have as well as the ones you don’t.

I’ve gotta tell you: legal stuff puts me to sleep, bores me, and scares me in equal parts. But what I like about the Small Business Bodyguard project is that it’s written in a fun and engaging way. Oh, and it’s absolutely for Owners!”


“The Small Business Bodyguard is an absolute masterpiece for new entrepreneurs that is jam-packed full of actionable advice
and resources. Its a graduate-level course on how to build a strong foundation for your business in a fun
and accessible manner. If you want to set your business up for success, this guide is mandatory reading.”


“Uhhh, why doesn’t EVERYBODY have Small Business Bodyguard? Thanks for saving my butt, ladies.”

— @LilyStarlingCMT

“Working through Small Business Bodyguard right now and I am SO impressed + pumped to get things in order! Learning so much.”

— @mandi

“I love Small Business Bodyguard. Totally worth the $$$!”

— @PoorandPretty

“Thank you for putting together such a much-needed resource for the entrepreneurial/creative community. Legal stuff makes me wanna jump out a window—but probably not as much as having someone steal my best selling piece and slap it on a tee-shirt at Urban Outfitters without asking.”

— Lesley DeSantis

“Ya’ll weren’t kidding when you said it was a fun and accessible read. Only one chapter in and I’m eager to handle my biznass.”

— Sofia Quintero

“Small Business Bodyguard was worth every penny! THANKS! #LoveIt”

— Rachel Russo

“You NEED this product if you’re an entrepreneur. Neeeeeeed!!!! It’s $5,000 worth of contracts and lawyer advice about liabilities and website disclaimers and taxes and more! My friend Jamie Thoma Swanson used it and saved herself 20k in taxes after reading it…NO JOKE.

Legal stuff might not sound super fun…but yo, more money in your pocket is super SEXY. And keeping your ass protected from getting sued is a necessary evil. AAAAAAnd this is even written pretty freaking hilariously so you don’t fall asleep while gettin’ your learn on!”

— Kyle Hepp

“I’ve just gone through your SBB and have to say  this is freakin awesome and a great investment to have in my back pocket, especially if you live and work from the US.  Its very informative, engaging and one of the most useful things I’ve ever picked up, ever.

I just wanted to add too: I’m actually based in the UK where, although a lot of the statute and case references don’t directly apply, the legal principles are very similar. Thing is, I actually hauled myself through 4 years of Law Schools (plural really!) specialising in IP, but I graduated 5 years ago in 2008 (and decided that pinstripe suits didn’t suit me as well as motorbiking leathers and a pinny apron with marigold gloves,  not all at the same time, you understand?), and the internet has moved on a lot since then.  Plus, even after dragging my arse through Law Schools, no amount of studying that (often fascinating and philosophical) stuff prepares you for when you’re in it all and actually need to rely on this stuff to keep your derriere peachy; like right now, running a small blog and preparing for business, all those books I read and hypotheticals I ran? That shit just got real.  And because it is a while ago now since those halcyon Law School days, I felt quite naked until I read the SBB.

So I’m really grateful for this guide as a reminder of what I had learned and for pinpointing what I need to do when I next greet my accountant to get me started.

Many thanks fierce ladies!”


“I bought the Small Business Bodyguard this morning and I just finished it!! Amazing! I think its so spectacular that you put together such a comprehensive resource that is easy to understand and laced with a little sass! Yes!”


“Thank you, thank you! Your #SmallBusinessBodyguard is amazing! Very helpful and entertaining. Love you guys!”


“So excited — just got Small Business Bodyguard — my business has a fantastic ass, but I prefer it to be covered.”


F**king LOVE the Small Business Bodyguard! Thank you!


“As a small business owner, legal issues are one of the things that keep me up at night. How do I make sure I get paid? How can I ensure that nobody steals my content? Small Business Bodyguard explains what you need to know in an engaging, friendly and easy to understand way. Plus, there are real life examples of legal text you can adapt to your business. Thank you for creating a very useful resource for small businesses.”


“Just fired off my first real contract using a template from the Small Business Bodyguard. I feel so protected!”


“First of all, thank you SO much for this legal clinic. It’s an absolutely perfect balance of robust legal advice yet communicated in a digest-able way. Again, thanks for creating and sharing such a valuable resource.”


“This is very cool about legality over blogs and online advice and the info we provide.”


“Ladies: This is the most helpful information I wish I had known upfront 1.5 years ago! Can’t wait for the next lesson. ”


“Hooray! The free clinic has been super helpful, so I can’t wait to see the full project.”


“Holy Canolli. Perfect timing. I am ALL OVER THIS. Sorry for the caps-lock. I’m just EXCITED. BUSINESS!”


“I’m so glad you’re doing the Small Business Bodyguard clinic. Legal stuff has been one of the biggest hurdles to get over as a freelancer/biz owner (even just getting contract language solid so that I don’t get royally screwed by that one crazy client) and good lawyers are so expensive!”


“Thanks so much for highlighting this – to be honest I’m completely ignorant of the legalities and figured since I was only starting out it didn’t matter but it’s sooooo important.”


“Thank you so much! There is so much that we already have to do to launch a business, but neglecting this step would mean the end of our business and potentially, our financial ruin.”


“I want to thank you for offering this. As you know, there isn’t much info online about how to protect your online brand. The lawyers I know aren’t much help either – they’re pretty much mired in the past and are afraid of the internet.

Anyway, a big thank you for offering this much needed service to anyone who has an online brand and wants to protect it, business owner or not.”


“The legal aspect is the exact reason I have been too afraid to start my business for years. Thank you!”


“I love you, I love you, I love you.”


“Thanks for this guys .

It’s so bloody helpful and important.”


“Thank you! This has been on my mind and I do not have the funds to hire someone yet. This is the best resource I have found, in a long time!”


“Love the content you are providing via Small Business Bodyguard!”


“Thanks for your time, I think its amazing that you’re offering this! I’ve pretty much forced every small business I’ve encountered in the last few weeks to get on the mailing list for this clinic because there’s SO much we don’t know!”


“Signed up for the Small Business Bodyguard emails. Cause I’ll be mad as hell if someone tries to screw me over on the interwebs.”