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Wait, do I even have a brand name?

We’re back this week sharing another lesson from Brand Boss that answers a frequently asked question. Your brand is a beautiful, vulnerable thing. All of the (well-spent) time and money that you’ve poured into building up your brand and all of its parts (including, at a minimum, your business name, logo and slogan) could be […]

Real Brand Bosses Always Start With Why

It can be tempting when you’re knee deep in client projects, product development, and building your business to slap a logo on that new thingamabob before it launches and call it a day. But let me tell you, having a strong, identifiable brand for your new thingamabob will absolutely help you sell it better, easier, […]

Oral Contracts: why you should probably save your breath

One question we lawyers often get asked (in addition to, “Have you seen Legally Blonde?” and “How much is this gonna cost me?”) is, “Are oral contracts valid?” Answer: you’re damn skippy! Oral contracts, as long as they have all of the formal contract elements–offer, acceptance and consideration (something given in exchange for something received)–are […]

That stock photo ain’t free (and other important licensing lessons)

So, you got an invoice in the mail from an online stock photo house and now you’re all “Crap. What do I do?” Answer: gather all of your most important valuables, and run like hell. It might also be a good idea to put on one of those eyeglasses/fake nose/mustache combos while you are fleeing. […]

Release of Liability: what is it good for?

We’ve been taking your questions and slingin’ answers this week and we got a goodie in the other day we thought we’d tackle since it deals with our favorite topic—contracts and agreements! The Question: “Does a release of liability alone protect me when I’m working with my clients?” First, we want to say kudos to […]

All hail client service agreements (why you need ‘em and what to include in ‘em)

Let’s cut right to the chase today: you need to be using a client service agreement anytime you work with a client. This is a threat and a promise. A Client Service Agreement is all about your relationship with your clients or customers, and it’s capital ‘E’ Essential. If you are a consultant, coach, or […]

Legal Question Kickoff!

Okay sports fans (and by sports fans we mean law fans): we’re changing things up a bit on the blog, today. Starting this week, we’ll be answering YOUR legal questions. So, if you have a question, click here to submit it and we’ll add it to the queue to answer right here on the blog. […]

3 Ways that Handling the Legal Stuff Can Make You More Money

Ignoring the legal side of your business can be really tempting for a whole boatload of reasons: it’s boring, it’s confusing, it’s overwhelming, it’s expensive. (just to name a few.) But, taking care of your business’s legal needs can not only protect you from catastrophe, it can actually help you earn more money. So we […]

3 Contract Tips That Will Make Your Life (Much) Easier

This isn’t one of those Buzzfeed/Upworth headlines like “…what happened next will shock you!” This is real: we really think these tips will make your business life much easier. If you’ve been around these parts for a while you know that we love to yammer on about the importance of contracts—but that’s just because we’ve […]

You can’t trademark your book title, except when you can

Let’s start this post out with everyone’s favorite: a pop quiz. Q: Without googling, can you name the publisher of Catcher in the Rye? Don’t worry, unless you’re a superfan or savant, no one gets this right. This is a hint at why most of the time you can’t trademark your book title. As with […]

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