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Ideas and other things that copyright doesn’t protect

If you’re an artist, or a creator of any kind, it’s important to have a grip on the scope of copyright protection so that you can make sure your work is covered. (This is our soft way of saying ‘get a grip’.) And truth be told, if you’re a human of any kind, it’s also […]

Put us in, coach! Legal Nunchucks: For Coaches is here.

Feeling like a coach potato when it comes to the legal side of your business? Well today is your lucky, legal day because our newest resource is here and it’s all about making sure your coaching business is protected, legit, and overflowing with moola. I am so thrilled to share Legal Nunchucks: For Coaches with […]

A Quick Lowdown on Personally Identifiable Information

So for starters, for sounding cool’s sake, you can refer to personally identifiable information as PII. (Just something fun to keep in your back pocket, ya know?) But onto the dirt: Personally Identifiable Information is any information that can be connected to a person, anything you can use to identify or contact someone. We’re talkin’ […]

A few handy tips on your privacy policy

Let’s talk privacy policy best practices, shall we? I mean, is there anything else sexier to talk about? I think not. Because honestly, consumer privacy is a big topic these days and for good reason. With cyber crimes and hacking, it’s critical that you you have a clear, easily-accessible privacy policy that includes all of […]

The Dangers of Being Generic

Oh hey let’s talk generic trademarks (what, is that not what you said to yourself when you woke up this morning?) We all know that ‘generic’ refers to something that is common and not specific. And when it comes to trademark law, being generic is the very worst. This is because the whole point of […]

Great New Habit: Policing Your Creative Content

Here’s a fun idea: make like a bodyguard (cough, product name drop, cough) and keep an eye out for infringement on your creative content. No, this doesn’t mean you have to get out your aviators and be on patrol (I mean you can if you want), it just means that you’re actively making sure people […]

Dazed and Confused: A Trademark Story

Today we are talking about a fun legal term, likelihood of confusion. This is something that you want to know and keep in mind when you’re branding your business. Unfortunately it’s not enough just to find that clever or magical name or logo that so perfectly suits your business…in order to get it trademarked, the […]

The Moola Involved in Copyright Infringement Lawsuits

Today we’re gonna talk about statutory damages and what that means if you ever have to sue someone for copyright infringement. So, statutory is just a fancypants, legalese way of saying “found in the law.” Statute is another word for law, and when something is statutory, that means you can look at the law and […]

Keep the Thieves Away by Registering Your Copyright

Today, almost every business has an online presence, with a website full of juicy original content like articles, videos, photography, courses and other digital media that thieves would just LOVE to get their paws on. And as you probably know, copyright gives the author of any original creative work the exclusive (key word) right to […]

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