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Whip those terms and conditions into shape

Oh, terms and conditions…conditions and terms. What would we do without you? Well we’d be in trouble for one, but it turns out all terms and conditions are not created equal and today we’re gonna discuss: non-porous terms and conditions As you may have already deduced, non-porous means something solid; something that doesn’t let anything […]

Some First Quarter Biz Housekeeping (Bizkeeping?)

Bizkeeping sounds kinda like beekeeping and as it turns out if you do both correctly you won’t get stung. Oh man, killer metaphor and joke, right? But let’s get down to business. It’s almost the end of the first quarter and that means that it’s a great time to review those terms and conditions and […]

Express Consent, Eh?

Thanks to last year’s Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (insert dated South Park ‘Blame Canada’ joke here), when sending commercial electronic messages (ahem, e-newsletters) you need express consent. Express consent, say what? Glad you asked. Express consent means that you need to: Clearly tell customers why you want to send them messages (ex: to tell them about […]

Covering Your Affiliate Arse

Oh hey, do you happen to be an affiliate for a product? Have some paid links on your site and such? Well here are some legal housekeeping things you might want to keep an eye on: If you endorse a product (meaning you gab to everyone about how incredible and mind-blowing it is), you have […]

May the (Joint) Force(s) Be With You

Are you about to team up with another small business or entrepreneur to co-create a new product or service or dance move (maybe not that last one)? Well la-dee-da because today’s post is for you. Meet our old pal the Joint Venture Agreement. This contract occurs when two or more separate parties collaborate—sharing their expertise, […]

Why Satisfaction Guarantees Are a Bad Idea

This goes for everyone, but especially for our friends-of-the-week: photographers. The cold, hard truth is that if you’re in business long enough, someone is eventually going to absolutely hate the work you did for them. And when it comes to photos, they’re probably going to demand a refund. So with that in mind, you should […]

Intrusion of Solitude = Not Cool, Bro

Spoiler alert: intrusion of solitude is not when your husband/kids/roommates interrupts your me-time. But it’s close. Intrusion of Solitude is a term that photographers should give some attention to because you’re not one to purposefully violate the rights of others, right? Right. Intrusion of Solitude happens when you intrude (duh) upon the private space or […]

Why Boilerplates are Your Best Friend

By now, we all know that client service agreements are major ass-savers. But sometimes business owners ask us if they need all of that legal mumbo jumbo at the end (aka the boilerplate). We usually respond by making really serious eye contact and whispering the words, “hell yes you do.” Because boilerplate clauses are serious […]

Model Release Because Yes You Hang Out With Models

Today’s word you oughta know is Model Release. Are we playing favorites to photographers this week? Maybe yes, maybe no. But don’t worry, we’re working our way through many other industries so your turn shall come, designers, coaches, crafters, etc. So, what’s a model release, you ask? Well it’s actually a legal document in which […]

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: We’ve Got a New Guide for Photographers!

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! The day has finally come and Legal Nunchucks: For Photographers is hot off the presses and ready to rock your (small business) world. If you haven’t been following along, Legal Nunchucks: For Photographers is legal weaponry for your photography business (look out, bad guys and ninjas). It covers […]

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