You're no rookie, so it's about time you stopped
running your coaching business like one. 

Not sure where to start in the wild world of legal self defense?

Legal Nunchucks: For Coaches is THE resource for making sure your coaching business is protected, legit and overflowing with moola. It covers the 10 rookie legal mistakes that most coaches make and offers you the tools to stop running your business like one and instead, lay that legal foundation like a pro.

Legal Nunchucks: For Coaches makes it simple and easy to learn about the legal precautions you need to take to make your coaching business thrive PLUS the action and how-to to actually do it.

Here's What We Cover in This Arse-Saving Legal Guide:

  • Business entities and the ins and outs of taxes (hint: you can be paying way less if you do what we say.)
  • The danger of letting your business and personal finances mingle and how to avoid it.
  • Why you need insurance for your coaching practice (and what kind you need) and the glorious truth that it’s not as expensive as you probably think.
  • Proper paperwork and agreements: what exactly to say, who exactly to give them to, and why they are your #1 ass-covering weapon. (actionable templates included, yo!)
  • How and why you should copyright your most valuable intellectual property: your coaching programs and processes AND your brand. (plus the step-by-step worksheets to get 'er done!)
  •  How to cover your ass when delivering your services in person, online and through live events.
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