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Put us in, coach! Legal Nunchucks: For Coaches is here.

Feeling like a coach potato when it comes to the legal side of your business? Well today is your lucky, legal day because our newest resource is here and it’s all about making sure your coaching business is protected, legit, and overflowing with moola.

I am so thrilled to share Legal Nunchucks: For Coaches with the coaching community. When I started my practice, Rachel Rodgers Law Office P.C., five years ago, coaches were among my very first clients. Since then, I have handled the legal bidness for SO MANY COACHES.

From forming proper business entities, to securing and advising around IP to drafting contracts, contracts and more contracts — I have done it all for my coaching peeps. My practice has been largely supported by many coaching businesses so I am so excited to give back to this community of loving people who quite literally are helping their clients make their wildest dreams come true.

Not only am I lucky enough to be the lawyer to tons of amazing coaches but I have also hired several coaches to coach me over the years. I have hired several business coaches since starting my practice including Pamela Slim, Charlie Gilkey and Yvonne Bynoe, and my work with these amazing humans completely changed my life and made my businesses 1,000 times more successful than they were.  I have worked with an incredibly talented personal development coach and brand consultant, Liz Dennery Sanders on reworking the brand of Rachel Rodgers Law Office P.C. (stay tuned for that big reveal). I recently hired financial coach, Mark Butler, to stay on top of my funds and I am going on an amazing life-changing trip to Italy with life coach extraordinaire Susan Hyatt.

Clearly, I believe in the work of coaches. That’s why I was so excited when we did our survey for which Legal Nunchucks kit we should create next and coaches came out in full force to demand that we hook them up!

Legal Nunchucks: For Coaches is the second of many industry-specific guides we’re creating in order to tackle those specific legal questions that only you are dealing with. It covers the 10 legal mistakes that most coaches make (even the seasoned ones) and offers you the chance to stop running your business like a rookie and instead, lay that legal foundation like the pro that you are. Oh and it’s fun (and funny) to read. Because it’s us (isn’t it obvious by now?).

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll be covering:Legal Nunchucks: For Coaches

  • Business entities and the ins and outs of taxes (hint: you can be paying way less if you do what we say.)
  • The danger of letting your business and personal finances mingle and how to avoid it.
  • Why you need insurance and the glorious truth that it’s not as expensive as you probably think.
  • Proper paperwork and agreements: what exactly to say, who exactly to give them to, and why they are your #1 ass-covering weapon. (Actionable templates included, yo!)
  • Why you desperately need to make sure you have terms and conditions on your website and programs.
  • How and why you should copyright your intellectual property
  • T-t-t-trademarking your brand (the names, taglines, and slogans for your business and programs)
  • Putting your intellectual property to work for you (and making bank as a result).
  • Covering your ass when you run live events and retreats.
  • Building that team and making the right call on contractors vs employees.

OH AND you’ll also get handy checklists and templates so you can stop the procrastination and guesswork and start protecting your business like yesterday.

Legal Nunchucks: For Coaches

Snag your copy right now, right here:

Or spread the word and tell your other coach friends (with the coaching equivalent of a bat signal or something). And if you’re not a coach, you should probably go and hire a coach. It just might change your life.

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Get your hands on the smart, simple, and surefire steps to becoming legally legit.


Bonuses include...

  • The help and push you need to stop procrastinating and start covering your ass
  • Feeling like you can actually make your business legit and your bottom line bangin'
  • Exciting surprises, insider info, and actionable, badass business tips from a bonafide lawyer
  • Make a list, check it twice, make it rain.
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