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Signing Contracts Like It’s The Future

SBBtip-graphicPop quiz, wise guys: in the last week have you emailed someone a contract, forcing them to print, sign, and scan it back to you?


Okay, the caps was maybe a little aggressive, but as we are in the biz of having things in writing, we feel pretty strong about this topic. If this were an informercial we’d be like “Signing contracts doesn’t have to be annoying and uncool anymore! Introducing: electronic signatures!”

1.Yes, they’re legal (more on that at the linky link below)

2.Yes, it’s the future.

We love HelloSign that allows you to sign an emailed document by clicking a link and signing with your mouse or a stylus. But there’s also some appz like SignEasy or DocuSign that let you sign on your touchscreen and even store and manage your contracts. Usually you can sign a limited number of documents per month for free, and then pay a small monthly fee if you’re signing documents like crazy.

This not only lets your clients stop procrastinating on signing your s$%t, but it helps you stay more organized and on top of things. And it gives scanners everywhere the right to gracefully bow out of this whole operation. They can retire with fax machines in Barbados or something.

So get on it, fancypants. And welcome to the millenium.

For more on the laws behind why electronic signatures on contracts are now valid and legal and wonderful: check out this resource.

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