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Terms and Conditions to the Rescue

A big question that floats around the world wide web deals with client service agreements for online purchases (like an online class, or even like buying SBB). A lot of people are like wait, there must be a service agreement in there somewhere but they don’t remember signing anything.

And—spoiler alert—that’s because they didn’t. Technically, at least.

The big ‘ol tip today is that, this is where Terms and Conditions have their moment in the sun. Because when someone purchases something from you online, your Terms and Conditions kick in.

The next part of this big ‘ol tip is that, yes, using browsewrap terms for visitors to your website may make sense, BUT when visitors become purchasers, using a clickwrap version is better!

This is because Clickwrap agreements require the person to take some affirmative action in order to show that they agree to the terms and conditions; like clicking a button, or checkin’ a box. Usually this happens before they can access your site or a relevant part of it. It’s easy and smart to require your customers to opt-in to your Terms and Conditions when making purchases. And who doesn’t love easy and smart? Not only are your terms more visible to your customers, but you as a business will be better protected.

Also, if you’re selling individualized services like coaching packages or small group courses, you should also consider having your people sign a client service agreement. But if it’s plain and simple products or courses that they’re purchasing without directly interacting with you, Terms and Conditions are where it’s at.


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